Monday, May 22, 2006

The Prancing Horse

Speed, glamour, and Death.
The story of Enzo Ferrari.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Say no more... Just check out the Sony PS3 Press Conference over at youtube, and while you're at it check out gamedaily's profile.

Friday, May 05, 2006


Nigo's biggest Bape store, yeah I know every bape fan in the world has probably seen these pictures, and many have even been in the store, but I just found this stuff out not too long ago, so you can take it or leave it.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Greed with the right combination of willpower and focus = Power

I love entrepreneur magazine, I've been a subscriber for some time now, and I just thought I would share.Young Millionaires

Billionaire Boys club

For all the haters who didn't think Pharrell could come up with a reputable street brand, where are you now?! I really like the new tees especially this one with the jet. I especially like it because it shows the flexibility of the brand, ice cream images will get old quick and as long as BBC/icecream keeps coming out with fresh original ideas like these I'll always show my support. As a matter of fact I just might decide to purchase a BBC tee.
Commonwealth rules.

Who doesn't luv politics?

Colbert is one of the funniest guy I wish I knew. I rarely miss his show on comedy central and I just love how he always prances across the stage riling up the crowd just before introducing his guest, almost daring the guest to steal the spot light for even more than a second, Hilarious. Colbert was invited to the white house to speak and he totally makes fun of Bush right in front of him, it was great.
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Brooklyn lives

If you don't know about this kid already, then you're slacking. Papoose, aka lyrical assassin, is THE NEXT KING. The first time I listened to this guy touch the mike I could swear to god I was listening to Big L reincarnated. Papoose is definetely the one whos gonna bring real NEWYORK Rap back, kinda like Biggie did back in the early 90s when LA had the game on ball and chain. He's got the lyrics, and the hunger, but only time will tell if he has the stamina and intelligence to reach the top.
An old interview I found that you may find interesting- Allhiphop


Lupe Fiasco is my new favorite artist, he's like kanye without the arrogance. I know the rhyming ape mixtape has gotta be at least 2 or more years old, but regardless it is probably the hottest mixtape I've heard in a while- just cuz its so simple and refreshing. Heat under the babyseat is just too cool.

Do your research- Lupe


This is my first post ever as EBBS, but I am not new to this blogspot scene. Yeah, some might know me as my previous alias evilvader, but that was in the past. EBBS will be the beginning of new things for me, I'll still talk about the same things like street fashion, music that I find interesting, art, culture, and luxury- only this time I wouldn't hold back. So to new beginnings and new conquests I raise my glass as I reintroduce myself to the masses.

My name is EBBS.