Thursday, September 28, 2006


I came by this site just a few days ago,, its pretty incredible what people come up with nowadays and what will most likely sell, at least in the right time and place.

Also found a cool BBC site from the UK

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

WOW, I mean... WOW

I don't take back the fact that I loved Lupes album, Lupe is fresh to def. But...
WHO KNEW ABOUT THIS! I know someone knew about this and never said a word, if you're reading this sentence right now, and you knew that Lupe had a track out trying to be a gang banger why the hell didn't you say something. Just by analyzing this sceneraio anyone can see how easy it is for an artist to present himself as one thing to the general public and in reality be something totally different. I suppose lupe could have been the victim of big business marketing over at atlantic, and considering the fact that we NEED lupe to stay where he is, reppin the culture, I will hold my tongue. Either way a lie is being told, As I am writing this post lupe fiasco is either what he says he is, a skateboarding backpacker with something new to bring to the table, or he is a hardened cocaine dealing fiend with more guns and ammo than phil cassidy himself.

Lupe, we want an explanation!

Brown bag full of money

Let me just say that Lil Wayne is so close to being the king of rap that it is ridiculous. In my book lil wayne is a better wordsmith than 95% of the southern rappers out there. The only ones who can approach him being UGK. But I will digress the reason I like him so much probably has something to do with the fact that he sounds like a carbon copy of S.Carter, but in the words of my good friend danny O, genius imitates genius. If you haven't checked out weezy's private show with Robin thicke that was available on youtube just a short while back and on, I'm speechless. Do it now; and as an aside their music video together was certified stale garbage.
Waynes on AOL sessions this week and he burns it up.

Plus I don't have a friend named danny O, but then again, no ones reading this.


Yeah, I'm sure a lot of you have had ENOUGH. I took a while to get back on this blog this time didn't I? Well at least by this point I know for a fact that I am talking to myself FOR REAL! HA! So whats up with me, well I have picked up on youtube, I love that crap, I don't have a camera, and I don't plan on getting one anytime soon either, but youtube has become something of a guilty pleasure. Being out of touch for so long has definetely left me feeling like a nube. I just heard about Red Monkey company, which has been around for a while... whatever. Food and Liquor is on some other shyt, American terrorist is bonkers!

The nintendo Wii controller is about as cool as a limited edition Gigli dvd, when will mario and link retire and come over to the sony side of things. Sonic did it, and Segas stock has been rising ever since:)

F*k Senator George Allen, much love to streetwear and the underground culture, as always.

I'll definetely be posting...