Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lead me- Sanctus Real

I'd never seen the video. Good stuff.

Thou art the Christ- by The Voice

Luv it.


This is what great leadership is about!!!

The cowboys were expected to be one of the three best NFL teams at the start of the season, after finishing the 2009-2010 season with an 11-5 record and a deep playoff run. Then came the losing. The cowboys have lost 7 of their last 8 games this season. Romo got injured in game 7 and the team was lauded for simply packing it in during close games. You might remember my Cowboys win, but still no coach post last year; where I spoke on my feelings towards how the cowboys coaching situation. Well coach Wade Philips is no longer the coach of the cowboys, cowboys offensive coordinator Jason Garret's got the job, and nothing could be sweeter in Dallas with todays win.

It takes great leadership to be able to inspire and motivate a talented team to reach for greatness and I think Jason (at least after this game) has proved that he is capable of such a feat. It's only one game, and only one win, but things are looking brighter in the DFW area. The future is looking mighty hopeful indeed. Lets go Cowboys!

I AM SECOND: Baron Batch (& celebrates 2 yrs)

The folks over at I-am-second are celebrating 2 successful years of ministry. The festivities will be held in Carrllton TX on 2nd of December. I'm happy for them and and what tehy've been able to accomplish; bringing like minded people from all works of life together to speak on our shared faith. Baron batch's testimony is one of my favorites from the new batch (ha) of videos from the 'second' camp, and even though I bleed orange (Texas Longhorns fan through and through) I still support BB.

Click here for details on the December 2nd 2010 celebration. FYI: I'm not getting paid to post this and I have no direct affiliation with the organization. lol.