Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cowboys win, but still no coach.

I'll be honest I didn't have too much faith in the Cowboys to win todays game against the Falcons. Cowboys win 37-21. I think what this game proves is that Romo is a better quarterback when he's allowed to move in the pocket, WR Miles Austin might just be the answer on offense, and RB Choice should be a starter. The defense played well enough as always but the penalties are just murdering this team. In both the Bronco game and the Giants game the Cowboys lost because of their lack of discipline. Too many dropped balls and way too many penalties. It all goes back to coaching. The Cowboys under a guy like Tomlin, Belichick, or maybe even Chidress are a Super Bowl team easily. No one can argue that point. They have the talent but not the Coach who will make it his job to fix the technique, timing, or quarterback-receiver chemistry problems the Cowboys have been having. I would love to be excited for this team but I know our chances of making it deep into the playoffs (if we make it at all) are slim to none.

Oh yeah and Cowboys WR Miles Austin is a beast, and the Vikings are still contenders regardless of their loss today.

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