Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Been Awhile..

Whats up, just stoppin by to drop some random information like I always do. I've been away for a while cuz I've had a lot of things to do recently- working hard as always. Hope everyone out there in streetwear land is having a slammin summer vacation. I just saw Dave Chappelles Block Party, well actually I saw it several weeks ago. Anyway It was real fly. The roots are back, officially, and I can't wait for their new album to drop. ?uestlove is becoming more and more of a cultural phenomenon, he's popping up in everything. He's almost bigger than the roots themselves. Anyway Kanye is still a ill rapper, I enjoyed the whole black panther thing, dead presidents are ill, and 'mos' definetely did his thing. The weeks have been going by real slow, and I can't wait till school starts again. Till then, peace. Oh and if anyone knows a streetwear clothing store in the south where I can pick up some bape gear please holler.