Sunday, January 31, 2010

We win! by David Crowder Band

At the end of time Satan is already defeated.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Favre ends the Cowboy season

Brett Favre and the Vikes just handed out one of the worst beatdowns ever recorded in NFL playoff history. Their 34-3 win over the Cowboys was unexpected by just about everyone. I could think of a 100 possible reasons why we lost so badly but for time I'll give just four. #1. Marion Barber should never have played as much as he did (Felix Jones IS our premier RB, Barber is too slow) #2. Flozell adams was knocked out of the game (what other Cowboy could contain Jared Allen???). #3. Columbo should never have suited up for the game coming off an injury. #4. Offensive coordinator Jason Garrett should have anticipated the demise of his O-line and game planned accordingly.

The good news is that the 2010-2011 season is looking better than ever. Coach Wade Phillips will be staying which scares me a bit. I'd rather see him stay as a defensive coordinator rather than as head coach, but you wouldn't see me complaining if he leads the Cowboys to the Superbowl next year. No sir. I was glad to see Austin Miles step up this year as well as LT Spencer and CB Mike Jenkins. Plus Romo had his best year yet, and can only get better. So goodbye Cowboys (get ready for next year) and good luck Favre. I hope he wins another ring before he retires for good.

Rep. Scott Brown wins Massachussets

The people of Massachusets have just delivered a major blow to Obama's healthcare agenda. Congratulations to Republican candidate Scott Brown (who promised to vote against Obamas healthcare bill) for winning the Massachusets U.S. senate seat. I know the liberal media will spend the next X amount of weeks/months talking about how the republicans won against the healthcare bill, but really it has less to do with any one party winning over the other.

The people of America (liberal AND conservative) know that if this bill gets passed it will change our lives for the worse, and I'm sure many a die hard democrat showed up to vote for Brown. Good job Massachusets the entire country was watching. Tell Obama to keep his socialist healthcare plan to himself and all his conspirators.

Link: Associated press