Saturday, December 23, 2006

Happy Holidays

To everyone out there who stops by the ebbs blog every once in a while I wish you a merry christmahanukwanzaka and a happy new year. Party it up, be safe, and spend quality time with friends and family. The next time I post will be in january 2007.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

More geeking out

I have to decide which system I wanna get this christmas season, and even though I had said I didn't want a xbox in one of my last few posts I am starting to come around. Regardless of whether or not I choose to purchase the 360 though I will be buying the PS3, sometime in 2007, maybe mid 2007, when the price is down a hundred or so. Plus the graphics for the new Gran Turismo HD are just plain nauseating (by that I mean SICK, the good kind).


Jay's new clothes

Everyone knows Jay-Z loves street wear, from his days of rocking the orchard street 'baller' tees to his more recent parading around in crooks and castles gear, he definetely has a very good taste when it comes to style. Apparently the one and only Jay-Z plans on releasing his own collection of 'street wear' pieces. It will be under his Rocawear clothing label but it generally follows all the rules of a standard street wear start-up, everything is limited edition and many times over priced for the sake of exclusivity. I think its great that Jay has found a new hustle, and I'm sure if he's succesful with this new venture, which you can bet he will be, then other clothing lines will follow suit (can someone say limited edition ecko tees). Its too bad every Rocawear jeans I have bought since, like, EVER have all been crap in the workmanship department, it makes you really value brands such as levis for being so good at what they do.

Friday, December 15, 2006


Just when you thought HipHop was getting too repetitous Cash Money comes and hits us with this. I really wanna know when this video concept was conceived, was it before or after the Complex interview. It had to be after cuz it feels like a direct answer to Nas' HipHop is dead album. Lil Wayne is a f*kin lyrcist hiphop mastermind. If he was gay he'd still be one of the greatest rappers alive today and thats something you can't NOT give him credit for.

Leather so soft by Lil Wayne and Birdman

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Lupe on Aol

Check out Lupe Fiascos performances on Aol Sessions. I can't tell you how distracted I am watching these vids especially when I should be spending my time working on my 8 page paper right now (and I'm only on sentence 3).

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Hip Hop is dead (Part 2)

After Weezy's comments on Jay-Z in the Dec/Jan Complex hit the fan there have been many a radio show discussing the young cash money Ceo ever since. I am aware that the status of Hip Hop as an industry is going down the tubes, albums aren't selling as well, rappers are doing more cliche videos just to snap up attention, and the lyrical content of many a rap album has been watered down to sound as much like a britney spears album but with heavy bass and thug imagery. Young Jeezy not too long ago was on the Monie Love show and had some comments on Waynes Complex magazine blabs, most importantly however was when he mentioned Nas' new song and how he(Jeezy) felt about it. Is Hiphop dead? I think it is in a state of crisis.

Interview @

Plus don't forget about Clipse responding to Waynes comments. ZShare 1, ZShare 2

Friday, December 08, 2006

The hardest riddle on the internet

Notpron, the hardest riddle on the net. I don't know if any of you out there in cyber-land have ever heard of this site but its pretty sick. You go from page to page decivering different riddles. The pages go up to a hundred and thirty nine, and of the 10,000,000+ people that have tried it only 114 have succeeded in finishing it. The riddles are as varied as rewriting the web address backwards, to using morse code to attain the password, and not one riddle is repeated, ever. I just got put on to it and I am right now in stage 13 (or room 13 whatever you like), looking back I can't believe how far I've come. This is one of those things that forces you to think- how do people come up with this stuff?

Check it out here
Really, you'd be amazed how proud you get when you deciver a riddle all by yourself and without having to resort to cheating.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


The first trailer for the new halo game coming out exclusively for the 360, aired earlier this week on Monday night football. Its the one and only reason to get an xbox from my point of view, but I still can't see myself getting one.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Just bought a Cadillac

I just heard the song for the first time ever just a minute ago, this is the type of music that rappers never come out with when first getting on the scene and for this to be the first time I saw this dude, Rich Boy, I know for a fact he's gonna be here for a while. This song is straight fire. Throw some D's by Rich Boy!

Hip Hop is Dead [uncensored version]

Kinda reminds you of that the Hundreds tee doesn't it. I can already smell the new nas album. I know he's been talking about going more commerial with his new album, and about how you can only release so many really hood products. I'm definetely respecting his hustle, you know Jay definetely had some influence on his new way of thinking. Hopefully the new nas will still keep putting out classic albums. Nas and Jay, the union of gods, New York is better for it.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Papoose, lupe, and Styles P

Old school rapping, cipher style. You gotta love it. Its been a crazy long week, but thank God I could get a break from all the stress. This is probably well known fact by now but Casino Royale really is the best Bond movie of all time, I'm probably gonna end up seeing it again.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Kingdom Come (Post #3)

Its that time of the month, thanksgiving break, I am gonna be on hiatus for the next week or so and this could quite possible be my last post for a short while. So I decided to drop a diamond before I left. Listen to a fair amount of the album right here, right now, for free, on youtube, brought to you by djdENZENt. Oh, and when the album does come out, GO COP IT! Besides you will be glad you did because from what I heard the album will be a 3 disc set. Disc 1 having 14 new kingdom come songs, disc 2 having 3 remixed songs from jays early albums, and the third album is a backstage footage. But as far as a review of the album, I think its an aquired taste, its not extreme hustle music like reasonable doubt, but its not pop like black, its definetely an aquired taste. I'll tell you one thing though I can't wait for the Jay Nas album.
And If you're bored check out my links, nothing but the best for my fans.

Peace, eyes behind black shades is out of the building.
Lots of respoect to RealtalkNY!!!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Black republicans

Nas featuring Jay-Z, nothing more needs to be said.
check it out- Youtube

Playstation 3 release

As you guys probably already know the PS3 just came out yesterday(at least in North America). No I don't have one, but a couple of friends of mine went out and stood in front of our neighborhood best buy for 3 nights just to get one. Since they don't plan on playing the damn $600 system I had to setle for just staring at it, the box I mean. And boy was it worth it. I tell ya, its got lots of really hard to read words, a real fancy picture of the PS3 system, and it even comes with its own handle, Yeah, a handle. Some kids gonna be real happy when they open this bad boy up, real happy... I need some new friends.

Monday, November 13, 2006

I got me some bathing apes

Robin williams at the LAByrinth Theater Company's 4th Annual Celebrity Charades in New York City. From now on when I think of Robin Williams I'm gonna think coolness incarnate.

Image via gettyimages

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Kingdom Come (Post #2)

I made some changes to the site, nothing too major but definetely noticeable. Ben of the Brilliance reviews the new Jay album Kingdom come. How'd he get his hands on the album, has every track already leaked unto the internet, and why can't I find it. I honestly hope the album isn't real real mainstream like the Black album was, with Dre directing so many of the tracks on the new album I hope Jay will have just a few really hard grimy newyork gangsta tracks on there, just two will suffice.

Listen to Lost one off the kingdom come album over at

Friday, November 10, 2006

Sneakerpimp Heads welcome Team Icecream

You can always expect to receive a 'warm' and most importantly honest welcome when you come to NYC; and it doesn't matter who you are. The music must have been ear bleedingly loud, wish I was there.


Terry Kennedy speaking the truth.



Thursday, November 09, 2006

A New 'Special' Maybach

If you thought the maybach line of cars were too much then you haven't seen anything yet. The Maybach engineers over at mercedes are set to release a new addition to their already mind numbing super luxury car collection. EVeryone knows the maybach is available in 3 forms, the 52, the 62, and the 52S. The 62 was an extended version of the 52, while the 52S was a 612 horse power beast, the S standing for special of course. Well now the evil geniuses at maybach are putting the same power of the 52S into their new maybach. Its looks very much like every other maybach mercedes has put out so far except for a slightly modified rear apron and single tone black or silver are available colors for buyers of the 62S for the first time ever. The 62S is offically the worlds most powerful chauffeur driven saloon.
Info courtesy of Autocult Blog

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Feet behind black laces

I just HAD to comment on the creative recreation kicks on thehundreds blog, I don't have a pair of 'creatives' but these really do it to me. Plus I think its funny how the hundreds keep bringing up the fact that Bun B name dropped them. I can see them reminding us about this time in history for months to come. Seriously you guys should do what ALife did with Wu Tang and make your entire spring 07 collection collabs with UGK, that would be off the f*ckin chain, there is no shame in begging. Lol the hundreds is huge, indeed.

Elephants vs. Donkeys

I'm not really big on politics, even though I know I should be paying far more attention to it especially since its having such a big impact on people my age than ever before, but I will say this- I voted. I will also say another thing Young people do vote!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Cake for Cassie

I was just on youtube a few minutes ago, randomly searching vids, and I came by some of cassies videos, or rather nextselections videos of cassie, run by some dickweed Ryan Leslie, who straight up pimps cassie in every video they appear in together. Turns out he has a site where he puts up video blogs and in a certan video blog, you'd never guess who shows up, that's right kids, Nigo!!! So I figured, what the hell, why not post my finding.

Click on the link above (nigo) to go straight to the vid, and if you want to see more Ryan leslie pimping cassie then click here: Nextselection

Friday, November 03, 2006


Bathing Ape vs Disneys winnie the pooh, who would have seen it coming. You don't even KNOW how off the chain this is, you might think you know, but you don't. Seriously I fell out of my chair when I saw this, I mean if nigo can pull this off, what can we expect from the Ape camp in the future.
Source- Highsnobiety

Bombs dropping weekly!

YO, YO, YO, Bun B hits up the weekly drop crew, check it out. I'm pissed because I'm several days late. Bun B really is into this street sh*t, thats crazy. And I totally agree with him when he says DO YOU, be original, you don't need to be doing what everyone else is doing. I'm definetely gonna be looking out for his album Dec. 12!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Automobili Lamborghini

Its rather obvious that I have a fascination with cars. Now I am no gear head I just enjoy the look of certain exotic cars. Lamborghini of course is a very exclusive brand with a lot of history and a lot of prestige. So for that being said I find it interesting that they came up with such an easy to navigate page as they do on their company site, the same can't be said about its competition the prancing horse. Everything about it gives of an emotion, and it really is inspiring. Check out the site, it even includes several little movies.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Brand new Younger Hov

If you check out youtube on a fairly regular basis and like Jay-Z even a little bit chances are you've come by this guys impersonation of the jigga-man yourself. Team guerilla the ones who brought us the short music video for dear summer featuring a young Jay-Z impersonator are back with a new promo for their next instalment. I'm not gonna lie, I was really impressed with this vid.

Watch the vid, and pay attention, is that a Porsche cayenne in the background or not? If it is, then how in the world did they get their hands on one!

Anything+Rockers NY= Swastika tee


seriously what were they thinking.
source- don'tbelievethehypebeast

A lesson in supply and demand

The PS3 is hitting stores November 17, and for a price of $600, you can believe that I will NOT be in line. However just about all my friends will be purchasing the system, not because they have nothing better to do with their money, or need a new reason to live, but simply because they see green. It is estimated that once the PS3 hits stores it will sell out in hours. Thousands of people will be unable to get their hands on the system for days, maybe months, and obsenely rich parents (like the ones you see on shows like mtv's sweet sixteen) will shell out thousands of dollars in cold cash to retailers who still have available systems. Don't believe me, check out this ebay page. Now I know this is definetely not a new thing, and is probably the reason why this underground culture of ours is so revered. There are tons of people purchasing tees, toys, and sneakers simply to resell them for a higher price just days or weeks after initial purchase.

I just think its real funny how there could be a bunch of people buying items such as the PS3 for the sole purpose of claiming possession of them, while people with a completely different mentality go out to these stores, camp out for days, just so they can resell and cash in.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Google purchase and new bape stuff

I apologize for the lack of updates, I've had a lot on my plate these past few weeks, midterms and such. By now I am sure everyone knows about googles purchase of youtube, great move, and I am sure google will be better off for it; however I hate to imagine what the tube would look like 10 years from now, when google has to please those ever hungry shareholders and youtube hasn't yet fully opened its flood gates to the big business advertisers.

Do check out the new Bape stuff over at cliffedge

Monday, October 16, 2006

The making of...

I've got an exam in a few hours, my stomach is empty, and as usual I'm procrastinating like crazy. Just stumbled on this video on youtube, the making of show me what you got by Justblaze, you have to see it, its freaking hilarious. Justblaze, you're a genius.

The vid also kinda reminded me of my evilvader days.


Ha ha I love this t-shirt. Crap, if I had as much cash as nigo does I know I would definetely have a big ol' smile on my face 24-7.

Fresh new Bathing ape hoodie and jacket over at rakuten cliff edge.

Saturday, October 14, 2006


I was just watching TV, Larry King live to be exact, and learned about something I think is very important. Larry King was interviewing Bono of U2, and the topic was Aids. Even though I am not a big U2 fanatic (meaning I don't own an album, yet at least), I have to say that I admire his message. The interview was about a new clothing line Gap is promoting, created by Bono himself as well as his partner and friend Bobby shriver, and for every sale of 'red' half of the profits will go towards the fight against Aids in Africa. Apparently the clothing line dropped Friday October 13th (haha, thats bad isn't it), and it will be a permanent part of Gaps clothing offerings. Its good to know that we have very wealthy, influential, and passionate people like Bono interested in the poor and doing something on a consistent basis to try and help them. The irony is that he can do it not just with a speech or a bunch of in-your-face-propaganda but with something as simple as a t-shirt.

Below are some links, do check them out.
(Gap) Red
JoinRed blog page

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Kingdom Come

Jay's back, Its as simple as that. If there is anyone out there capable of putting a stop to finger snapping, hyphy, go dumb southern rap music it's this man. Its about time New York rap takes back its throne. It was kinda upsetting that after Jay retired absolutely no one stepped up in a big enough way, maybe now that Jay-Z is back everything will go back to normal.

Show me what you got- 1st single of the new Kingdom Come Jay Z album

I have to admit that the single is not what I really wanted to hear from Jay-Z, but sadly it is what we've all come to expect. If he would only go back to his 'reasonable-doubt' mindframe, all would be good in the world. Now where's that Jay Z-Nas collabo, and I'm expecting Papoose to make a guest appearance.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Yankees pitcher feared dead

Small plane smashes into high-rise building
Yankees manager says plane owned by pitcher Cory Lidle
Pitcher believed dead; passport found in street, sources tell CNN
Flight restrictions imposed around crash site.

Article @ CNN

As if the Yankees hadn't had enough this season.

Also check out Weekly Drop for interview with LA's Mr. Cartoon!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Posting for the sake of posting

Nothing much on my mind these days, really don't have that much to talk about. Well, I do have a lot of studying to do, big exam in a few days, and I definetely do not have the time or the energy to study right now. Anyway, I hope everyone out there is healthy, remember to sleep right, eat right, and only drink the hard stuff. Till next time.

Oh and The Hundreds are back.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Random ramblings 2

New Bape stuff about to drop, Bape's doing a collabo with carhatt, and chances are we wouldn't see these in the states anytime soon since its not going to be sold in the New Yorks busy work shop. That is a shame, check out the article over at hypebeast by clicking the picture. Having said that, let me say this, to all the people who have their own blogs and post up news on the web, be orginal, put up stuff you are interested in and not everybody else, but above all, do not steal stuff from any other persons blog and claim it was your idea. I read blogs everyday that take crap from other peoples blogs, post it up, and never even give credit to the people they took it from, that pisses me of. You know who you are, stealing bape info from other peoples blogs and not referencing your source(s), and mind you I am talking about this particular bape post. Stop being a little bitch and pretending like you were the one that did the research and came up with the scoop yourself. You're not clever and don't make me call you out!

Random ramblings

Kanye at the stella McCartney fashion show in paris (courtesy of gettyone). Check out that hoody, I know I've seen its kind somewhere before I just can't put a finger on it.

And who is this chick in the 'make it rain' video, I swear, I probably saw the video 30 times straight just for this one chick, and I'm not kidding either.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Go Ape!

Wassup world, EBBS here, not much to post about these past few days. The hundreds has been momentarily shut down, they say a new better site is coming, we'll see. Hopefully the change is not too drastic, because I've come to like the look of their blog for some time now. Anyway I just got back from a bumpin party last night and I am wrecked, I'm impressed I can even type. Anyway Vice City stories is coming out on the PSP in November, I'm definetley coppin that.

On another note I'd like to post, or link a youtube Bape vid (japanorama) that I really like. if you're up on your youtube bape game I have no doubt you've already seen it, but then again 1/2 the stuff I posted on my former blog (Evilvader) were older material and a lot of people had still never heard about it.

Bape 2006 autumn/winter catalogue @ bigmag

New Crooks and Castles website

The new milo hoody that just came out is nice, that is more my style than anything else, subtlety is key. I have to start hitting up the forums again, now if you will excuse me, I think I might need to throw up.

Thursday, September 28, 2006


I came by this site just a few days ago,, its pretty incredible what people come up with nowadays and what will most likely sell, at least in the right time and place.

Also found a cool BBC site from the UK

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

WOW, I mean... WOW

I don't take back the fact that I loved Lupes album, Lupe is fresh to def. But...
WHO KNEW ABOUT THIS! I know someone knew about this and never said a word, if you're reading this sentence right now, and you knew that Lupe had a track out trying to be a gang banger why the hell didn't you say something. Just by analyzing this sceneraio anyone can see how easy it is for an artist to present himself as one thing to the general public and in reality be something totally different. I suppose lupe could have been the victim of big business marketing over at atlantic, and considering the fact that we NEED lupe to stay where he is, reppin the culture, I will hold my tongue. Either way a lie is being told, As I am writing this post lupe fiasco is either what he says he is, a skateboarding backpacker with something new to bring to the table, or he is a hardened cocaine dealing fiend with more guns and ammo than phil cassidy himself.

Lupe, we want an explanation!

Brown bag full of money

Let me just say that Lil Wayne is so close to being the king of rap that it is ridiculous. In my book lil wayne is a better wordsmith than 95% of the southern rappers out there. The only ones who can approach him being UGK. But I will digress the reason I like him so much probably has something to do with the fact that he sounds like a carbon copy of S.Carter, but in the words of my good friend danny O, genius imitates genius. If you haven't checked out weezy's private show with Robin thicke that was available on youtube just a short while back and on, I'm speechless. Do it now; and as an aside their music video together was certified stale garbage.
Waynes on AOL sessions this week and he burns it up.

Plus I don't have a friend named danny O, but then again, no ones reading this.


Yeah, I'm sure a lot of you have had ENOUGH. I took a while to get back on this blog this time didn't I? Well at least by this point I know for a fact that I am talking to myself FOR REAL! HA! So whats up with me, well I have picked up on youtube, I love that crap, I don't have a camera, and I don't plan on getting one anytime soon either, but youtube has become something of a guilty pleasure. Being out of touch for so long has definetely left me feeling like a nube. I just heard about Red Monkey company, which has been around for a while... whatever. Food and Liquor is on some other shyt, American terrorist is bonkers!

The nintendo Wii controller is about as cool as a limited edition Gigli dvd, when will mario and link retire and come over to the sony side of things. Sonic did it, and Segas stock has been rising ever since:)

F*k Senator George Allen, much love to streetwear and the underground culture, as always.

I'll definetely be posting...

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Been Awhile..

Whats up, just stoppin by to drop some random information like I always do. I've been away for a while cuz I've had a lot of things to do recently- working hard as always. Hope everyone out there in streetwear land is having a slammin summer vacation. I just saw Dave Chappelles Block Party, well actually I saw it several weeks ago. Anyway It was real fly. The roots are back, officially, and I can't wait for their new album to drop. ?uestlove is becoming more and more of a cultural phenomenon, he's popping up in everything. He's almost bigger than the roots themselves. Anyway Kanye is still a ill rapper, I enjoyed the whole black panther thing, dead presidents are ill, and 'mos' definetely did his thing. The weeks have been going by real slow, and I can't wait till school starts again. Till then, peace. Oh and if anyone knows a streetwear clothing store in the south where I can pick up some bape gear please holler.

Monday, May 22, 2006

The Prancing Horse

Speed, glamour, and Death.
The story of Enzo Ferrari.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Say no more... Just check out the Sony PS3 Press Conference over at youtube, and while you're at it check out gamedaily's profile.

Friday, May 05, 2006


Nigo's biggest Bape store, yeah I know every bape fan in the world has probably seen these pictures, and many have even been in the store, but I just found this stuff out not too long ago, so you can take it or leave it.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Greed with the right combination of willpower and focus = Power

I love entrepreneur magazine, I've been a subscriber for some time now, and I just thought I would share.Young Millionaires

Billionaire Boys club

For all the haters who didn't think Pharrell could come up with a reputable street brand, where are you now?! I really like the new tees especially this one with the jet. I especially like it because it shows the flexibility of the brand, ice cream images will get old quick and as long as BBC/icecream keeps coming out with fresh original ideas like these I'll always show my support. As a matter of fact I just might decide to purchase a BBC tee.
Commonwealth rules.

Who doesn't luv politics?

Colbert is one of the funniest guy I wish I knew. I rarely miss his show on comedy central and I just love how he always prances across the stage riling up the crowd just before introducing his guest, almost daring the guest to steal the spot light for even more than a second, Hilarious. Colbert was invited to the white house to speak and he totally makes fun of Bush right in front of him, it was great.
Read more

Brooklyn lives

If you don't know about this kid already, then you're slacking. Papoose, aka lyrical assassin, is THE NEXT KING. The first time I listened to this guy touch the mike I could swear to god I was listening to Big L reincarnated. Papoose is definetely the one whos gonna bring real NEWYORK Rap back, kinda like Biggie did back in the early 90s when LA had the game on ball and chain. He's got the lyrics, and the hunger, but only time will tell if he has the stamina and intelligence to reach the top.
An old interview I found that you may find interesting- Allhiphop


Lupe Fiasco is my new favorite artist, he's like kanye without the arrogance. I know the rhyming ape mixtape has gotta be at least 2 or more years old, but regardless it is probably the hottest mixtape I've heard in a while- just cuz its so simple and refreshing. Heat under the babyseat is just too cool.

Do your research- Lupe


This is my first post ever as EBBS, but I am not new to this blogspot scene. Yeah, some might know me as my previous alias evilvader, but that was in the past. EBBS will be the beginning of new things for me, I'll still talk about the same things like street fashion, music that I find interesting, art, culture, and luxury- only this time I wouldn't hold back. So to new beginnings and new conquests I raise my glass as I reintroduce myself to the masses.

My name is EBBS.