Thursday, December 21, 2006

Jay's new clothes

Everyone knows Jay-Z loves street wear, from his days of rocking the orchard street 'baller' tees to his more recent parading around in crooks and castles gear, he definetely has a very good taste when it comes to style. Apparently the one and only Jay-Z plans on releasing his own collection of 'street wear' pieces. It will be under his Rocawear clothing label but it generally follows all the rules of a standard street wear start-up, everything is limited edition and many times over priced for the sake of exclusivity. I think its great that Jay has found a new hustle, and I'm sure if he's succesful with this new venture, which you can bet he will be, then other clothing lines will follow suit (can someone say limited edition ecko tees). Its too bad every Rocawear jeans I have bought since, like, EVER have all been crap in the workmanship department, it makes you really value brands such as levis for being so good at what they do.


Anonymous said...

but why would you EVER buy Roca T's???
crooks&castles? hundreds?? wack on wack!

ebbs said...

I like some of their styles, what do U suggest is better?

Anonymous said...

for sure, design is to each his own. west vs east coast is decidedly different, from overtly graphical to the subtle monotones. all-over prints are a one-time-only fad, and should only be done with a view to be overly-cute, or with a serious tone like camo, or a nod to the 80's posh look of Gucci/Ferragamo/Versace (its still dated in anycase)