Sunday, December 10, 2006

Hip Hop is dead (Part 2)

After Weezy's comments on Jay-Z in the Dec/Jan Complex hit the fan there have been many a radio show discussing the young cash money Ceo ever since. I am aware that the status of Hip Hop as an industry is going down the tubes, albums aren't selling as well, rappers are doing more cliche videos just to snap up attention, and the lyrical content of many a rap album has been watered down to sound as much like a britney spears album but with heavy bass and thug imagery. Young Jeezy not too long ago was on the Monie Love show and had some comments on Waynes Complex magazine blabs, most importantly however was when he mentioned Nas' new song and how he(Jeezy) felt about it. Is Hiphop dead? I think it is in a state of crisis.

Interview @

Plus don't forget about Clipse responding to Waynes comments. ZShare 1, ZShare 2

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