Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cowboys win, but still no coach.

I'll be honest I didn't have too much faith in the Cowboys to win todays game against the Falcons. Cowboys win 37-21. I think what this game proves is that Romo is a better quarterback when he's allowed to move in the pocket, WR Miles Austin might just be the answer on offense, and RB Choice should be a starter. The defense played well enough as always but the penalties are just murdering this team. In both the Bronco game and the Giants game the Cowboys lost because of their lack of discipline. Too many dropped balls and way too many penalties. It all goes back to coaching. The Cowboys under a guy like Tomlin, Belichick, or maybe even Chidress are a Super Bowl team easily. No one can argue that point. They have the talent but not the Coach who will make it his job to fix the technique, timing, or quarterback-receiver chemistry problems the Cowboys have been having. I would love to be excited for this team but I know our chances of making it deep into the playoffs (if we make it at all) are slim to none.

Oh yeah and Cowboys WR Miles Austin is a beast, and the Vikings are still contenders regardless of their loss today.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I am Second: Colt and Sam

WOW! To see these two quarterbacks (University of Texas' Colt McCoy, and Oklahoma Sooners own Sam Bradford) opening up about Christ is truly inspiring. I haven't been as steadfast as I should be in my walk with Christ but seeing things like this really make me proud to know that no matter how far I stray I could never lose my faith and love for my heavenly father. Go Longhorns!

Solution by Hillsong

The NFL season is heating up, the basketball season is just getting started, I'm getting ready to run my first 5K, and the Cowboys are killing us in Dallas. I haven't blogged for a while but (hopefully) I'm back.

Solution by Hillsong is a great song by a great band. I have yet to buy an album from them, but I will sometime soon.

Monday, October 05, 2009

BEAT THE PACKERS!!! (2nd Half) 3 of 3

Storybook start to the second half!!!!! DID I SAY FAVRE WAS AWESOME, DID I? WELL THEN I SHOULD HAVE!!! He’s 39 years old (40 next week) and playing better than half his age. Aaron Rodgers, Favre’s protégé and replacement, has played very well for the Packs, and continued his attack on the Vikings defense in the second half, but sadly for cheesehead nation the Vike defense is too strong. HA! Score: 14-28, Vikings lead (of course).

It’s the third quarter and you know Adrian Peterson is set to break off a couple big plays soon, but for now he is shut down and this only hurts the Viking offense. The Viking defense are another story. They force the Packers to kick and the special teams take the ball to midfield. Even though Peterson is taken out of the equation for the offense again Favre stays solid, unfortunately he is not able to keep the chains moving. The Packs get the ball and they do nothing but fail on every possession. DE #69 Jared Allen does not let down, sacking Rodgers in the end zone. It’s a safety with 7.21 minutes remaining. 7 sacks on aaron Rodgers, with 4 hits from #69 Jared Allen. Unbelievable defense. I actually felt bad for the Packers for a few long seconds. Even the Vikings punt kicking was perfect, and mind you both teams are undefeated so the packers aren’t exactly a weak team.

The Vikings allow the Packs to score because Brad Childress is cool like that. LOL. We can’t have Packers fans crying in the Viking stands now can we? Just Kidding. I don’t think Coach Childress’s 3rd down play (to have Favre throw a deep ball instead of running the time down with a run) with 3:12 or so left was such a bad idea. If the ball were caught the play would have been perfect timing. But I’ll tell you there’s 2 minutes left and the game is still close. Score: 20, 30 Vikings lead. And just now Jared Allen has yet ANOTHER sack. The packers settle for a field goal making the score: 23, 30. There’s 55 seconds left and only a touchdown difference. Sidney Rice on the special teams makes another great play and grabs the side kick like he did previously in the game. The game ends with the Vikings running down the clock. The master schools the student. Mister miyagi putting the wax on the packers. Great game, perfect ending. THE VIKINGS BEAT THE PACKERS.

BEAT THE PACKERS!!! (Half-time) 2 of 3

COMMENTARY WAS DONE LIVE (and play by play) DURING GAME. It was a great way to start the game for Favre and Peterson (scoring a touchdown a few minutes into the first quarter) unfortunately it is followed quickly by a touchdown from QB Rodgers to WR Bailey. Having Peterson carry the team is always a no fail game plan for the Vikings and allowed Favre to make the quick and easy decisions passing the ball, because the last thing we want to see is #4 throwing an interception. What I have noticed though is once the run is taken away from the Vikings the focus is on Favre to play smart, and since he hasn't been with the team for long his mechanics with the other players is not perfect quite yet.

The Vikings INTERCEPTION made up for the freak 4th down play by the Packers WR Jennings just previous, and Favre takes advantage with his excellent throw for his second touchdown. Having a healthy DE Jared Allen doesn’t hurt either (with his third down Rodgers sack). A giant comeback blow is thrown when RB Peterson is stripped of the ball standing up which ends in a Vikings touchdown. Score: 14-14. Favre shows us some more Favre magic and Peterson finishes the job with a touchdown run. Sorry Rodgers no miracle touchdowns for you. Final score before halftime Greenbay 7, Vikings 14.

Now lets see the Vikings push the lead to a 21-7 romp and stay undefeated. The Vikings will be receiving the kick-off in the second half so lets see what happens. Great game by the way, a definite legendary game, my only regret is not recording it.

BEAT THE PACKERS!!! (Pre-game) 1 of 3

LETS GO VIKINGS, lets go favre! The Live game is playing right now on ESPN Monday night football between the Greenbay Packers and Minnesota Vikings! Its been a long time coming lets see if Favre can beat the team which essentially fired him in the Packers. I will be making a post during halftime, and then one more after the game.