Monday, October 05, 2009

BEAT THE PACKERS!!! (Half-time) 2 of 3

COMMENTARY WAS DONE LIVE (and play by play) DURING GAME. It was a great way to start the game for Favre and Peterson (scoring a touchdown a few minutes into the first quarter) unfortunately it is followed quickly by a touchdown from QB Rodgers to WR Bailey. Having Peterson carry the team is always a no fail game plan for the Vikings and allowed Favre to make the quick and easy decisions passing the ball, because the last thing we want to see is #4 throwing an interception. What I have noticed though is once the run is taken away from the Vikings the focus is on Favre to play smart, and since he hasn't been with the team for long his mechanics with the other players is not perfect quite yet.

The Vikings INTERCEPTION made up for the freak 4th down play by the Packers WR Jennings just previous, and Favre takes advantage with his excellent throw for his second touchdown. Having a healthy DE Jared Allen doesn’t hurt either (with his third down Rodgers sack). A giant comeback blow is thrown when RB Peterson is stripped of the ball standing up which ends in a Vikings touchdown. Score: 14-14. Favre shows us some more Favre magic and Peterson finishes the job with a touchdown run. Sorry Rodgers no miracle touchdowns for you. Final score before halftime Greenbay 7, Vikings 14.

Now lets see the Vikings push the lead to a 21-7 romp and stay undefeated. The Vikings will be receiving the kick-off in the second half so lets see what happens. Great game by the way, a definite legendary game, my only regret is not recording it.

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