Monday, October 30, 2006

Brand new Younger Hov

If you check out youtube on a fairly regular basis and like Jay-Z even a little bit chances are you've come by this guys impersonation of the jigga-man yourself. Team guerilla the ones who brought us the short music video for dear summer featuring a young Jay-Z impersonator are back with a new promo for their next instalment. I'm not gonna lie, I was really impressed with this vid.

Watch the vid, and pay attention, is that a Porsche cayenne in the background or not? If it is, then how in the world did they get their hands on one!

Anything+Rockers NY= Swastika tee


seriously what were they thinking.
source- don'tbelievethehypebeast

A lesson in supply and demand

The PS3 is hitting stores November 17, and for a price of $600, you can believe that I will NOT be in line. However just about all my friends will be purchasing the system, not because they have nothing better to do with their money, or need a new reason to live, but simply because they see green. It is estimated that once the PS3 hits stores it will sell out in hours. Thousands of people will be unable to get their hands on the system for days, maybe months, and obsenely rich parents (like the ones you see on shows like mtv's sweet sixteen) will shell out thousands of dollars in cold cash to retailers who still have available systems. Don't believe me, check out this ebay page. Now I know this is definetely not a new thing, and is probably the reason why this underground culture of ours is so revered. There are tons of people purchasing tees, toys, and sneakers simply to resell them for a higher price just days or weeks after initial purchase.

I just think its real funny how there could be a bunch of people buying items such as the PS3 for the sole purpose of claiming possession of them, while people with a completely different mentality go out to these stores, camp out for days, just so they can resell and cash in.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Google purchase and new bape stuff

I apologize for the lack of updates, I've had a lot on my plate these past few weeks, midterms and such. By now I am sure everyone knows about googles purchase of youtube, great move, and I am sure google will be better off for it; however I hate to imagine what the tube would look like 10 years from now, when google has to please those ever hungry shareholders and youtube hasn't yet fully opened its flood gates to the big business advertisers.

Do check out the new Bape stuff over at cliffedge

Monday, October 16, 2006

The making of...

I've got an exam in a few hours, my stomach is empty, and as usual I'm procrastinating like crazy. Just stumbled on this video on youtube, the making of show me what you got by Justblaze, you have to see it, its freaking hilarious. Justblaze, you're a genius.

The vid also kinda reminded me of my evilvader days.


Ha ha I love this t-shirt. Crap, if I had as much cash as nigo does I know I would definetely have a big ol' smile on my face 24-7.

Fresh new Bathing ape hoodie and jacket over at rakuten cliff edge.

Saturday, October 14, 2006


I was just watching TV, Larry King live to be exact, and learned about something I think is very important. Larry King was interviewing Bono of U2, and the topic was Aids. Even though I am not a big U2 fanatic (meaning I don't own an album, yet at least), I have to say that I admire his message. The interview was about a new clothing line Gap is promoting, created by Bono himself as well as his partner and friend Bobby shriver, and for every sale of 'red' half of the profits will go towards the fight against Aids in Africa. Apparently the clothing line dropped Friday October 13th (haha, thats bad isn't it), and it will be a permanent part of Gaps clothing offerings. Its good to know that we have very wealthy, influential, and passionate people like Bono interested in the poor and doing something on a consistent basis to try and help them. The irony is that he can do it not just with a speech or a bunch of in-your-face-propaganda but with something as simple as a t-shirt.

Below are some links, do check them out.
(Gap) Red
JoinRed blog page

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Kingdom Come

Jay's back, Its as simple as that. If there is anyone out there capable of putting a stop to finger snapping, hyphy, go dumb southern rap music it's this man. Its about time New York rap takes back its throne. It was kinda upsetting that after Jay retired absolutely no one stepped up in a big enough way, maybe now that Jay-Z is back everything will go back to normal.

Show me what you got- 1st single of the new Kingdom Come Jay Z album

I have to admit that the single is not what I really wanted to hear from Jay-Z, but sadly it is what we've all come to expect. If he would only go back to his 'reasonable-doubt' mindframe, all would be good in the world. Now where's that Jay Z-Nas collabo, and I'm expecting Papoose to make a guest appearance.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Yankees pitcher feared dead

Small plane smashes into high-rise building
Yankees manager says plane owned by pitcher Cory Lidle
Pitcher believed dead; passport found in street, sources tell CNN
Flight restrictions imposed around crash site.

Article @ CNN

As if the Yankees hadn't had enough this season.

Also check out Weekly Drop for interview with LA's Mr. Cartoon!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Posting for the sake of posting

Nothing much on my mind these days, really don't have that much to talk about. Well, I do have a lot of studying to do, big exam in a few days, and I definetely do not have the time or the energy to study right now. Anyway, I hope everyone out there is healthy, remember to sleep right, eat right, and only drink the hard stuff. Till next time.

Oh and The Hundreds are back.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Random ramblings 2

New Bape stuff about to drop, Bape's doing a collabo with carhatt, and chances are we wouldn't see these in the states anytime soon since its not going to be sold in the New Yorks busy work shop. That is a shame, check out the article over at hypebeast by clicking the picture. Having said that, let me say this, to all the people who have their own blogs and post up news on the web, be orginal, put up stuff you are interested in and not everybody else, but above all, do not steal stuff from any other persons blog and claim it was your idea. I read blogs everyday that take crap from other peoples blogs, post it up, and never even give credit to the people they took it from, that pisses me of. You know who you are, stealing bape info from other peoples blogs and not referencing your source(s), and mind you I am talking about this particular bape post. Stop being a little bitch and pretending like you were the one that did the research and came up with the scoop yourself. You're not clever and don't make me call you out!

Random ramblings

Kanye at the stella McCartney fashion show in paris (courtesy of gettyone). Check out that hoody, I know I've seen its kind somewhere before I just can't put a finger on it.

And who is this chick in the 'make it rain' video, I swear, I probably saw the video 30 times straight just for this one chick, and I'm not kidding either.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Go Ape!

Wassup world, EBBS here, not much to post about these past few days. The hundreds has been momentarily shut down, they say a new better site is coming, we'll see. Hopefully the change is not too drastic, because I've come to like the look of their blog for some time now. Anyway I just got back from a bumpin party last night and I am wrecked, I'm impressed I can even type. Anyway Vice City stories is coming out on the PSP in November, I'm definetley coppin that.

On another note I'd like to post, or link a youtube Bape vid (japanorama) that I really like. if you're up on your youtube bape game I have no doubt you've already seen it, but then again 1/2 the stuff I posted on my former blog (Evilvader) were older material and a lot of people had still never heard about it.

Bape 2006 autumn/winter catalogue @ bigmag

New Crooks and Castles website

The new milo hoody that just came out is nice, that is more my style than anything else, subtlety is key. I have to start hitting up the forums again, now if you will excuse me, I think I might need to throw up.