Thursday, November 09, 2006

A New 'Special' Maybach

If you thought the maybach line of cars were too much then you haven't seen anything yet. The Maybach engineers over at mercedes are set to release a new addition to their already mind numbing super luxury car collection. EVeryone knows the maybach is available in 3 forms, the 52, the 62, and the 52S. The 62 was an extended version of the 52, while the 52S was a 612 horse power beast, the S standing for special of course. Well now the evil geniuses at maybach are putting the same power of the 52S into their new maybach. Its looks very much like every other maybach mercedes has put out so far except for a slightly modified rear apron and single tone black or silver are available colors for buyers of the 62S for the first time ever. The 62S is offically the worlds most powerful chauffeur driven saloon.
Info courtesy of Autocult Blog

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