Monday, May 28, 2007

Forza 2 May 29th

The gran turismo killer is to be released in less than 24 hours and I am really excited. The game is a racing simulator just like GT out exclusively for the xbox. Tehe coolest thing about the game is that it can be played by the hardcore racing know-evertything-about-cars freaks as well as the just-passing-through-but-like-the-game type players. It even has a feature that allows you to follow racing lines that help you know exactly where to slow down, speed up, or drift out of a turn. When the game was shown to the japanese public earlier this week it seemed to get a lot of praise, more importantly from real japanese race car drivers. Apparently the game is so true to life that racers feel comfortable playing it and are able to pull of their real life lap times. Read article here, and check out full website below.

Official website- Forza 2 motorsport

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