Friday, June 01, 2007


Since even before he entered the NBA Lebron James has been compared to Bulls former shooting guard Michael Jordan. James is able to play the positions of a small forward, power forward, and guard, all with outstanding ease. This of course is required of him being a Cleveland Cavalier because everyone else on his team seems to be average at best. But the one thing that makes him great, is not that he plays excellent offense or defense, which he does both well, Lebron is great because he plays just like Mike. Last nights playoff game (5) was just more proof that this guy is fully worthy of wearing the number 23. All me and my friends kept saying when we watched the game, especially the last few minutes is how amazingly 'jordanesque' this guy plays, and believe it or not that was BEFORE the commentator used the same word to describe what he was witnessing too. He alone made 29 of the last 30 points the cavs made in the game, and most of them were coming of of double team defenses. The guy is freaking unstoppable and I hope he is able to win sundays game against the Pistons in cleveland so his team can advance to the real finals with the spurs- THAT would be a game.

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