Monday, June 30, 2008

Random thought- Ford > toyota?

An article I read on Corporate takeovers blog inspired me to make this particular blog post. I have always been big on business. I believe owning ones own business is the best way to become wealthy and more satisfied with life. Recently I have been reading a book by david magee titled 'How toyota became #1'. All your professors in college tell you about how important it is to maintain high quality in the services/products you dish out to consumers but aparently 90% of what is told is forgotten as soon as we get that degree. I said all that to say that american companies have for such a long time released such bad and or average quality vehicles that watching the video you see above was hard for me to believe. Like obama says its time for a change, and if the US plans on being a market leader in ANY field we have got to start gaining a reputation for being the best and not just the biggest. Just my random thought of the day.

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