Monday, October 13, 2008

The 'evils is in the details

I am usually the last one to believe in conspiracies but recently I have been losing a lot of faith in the great sea of immensely POWERFUL politicians in charge of our country. I am a christian. I believe there is a God. I also believe there is an end of time, and a judgement day. If those statements were too strong then you especially need to watch this video and read the rest.

The attack on the towers, and the Iraq war were all initiated over the last 10 years. Mortgage crisis and Gas price woes have reached all time highs (for no good reason), and now our great countries economy is ...plummeting? If you don't know what free masonry is, do some research. Justin timberlake is hosting a golf tournament in the near future sponsored by the cult, the lyrics 'Iluminati got my mind soul and my body' shouldn't be ignored. I mean the guy got awarded sometype of fucking peace award didn't he?

Ironically I got a hold of the video here: secret society kickzstore.

Yal prolly think I'm just losing it but there is too...much...going...on...right now for us young people not to notice. I could post 4 other eye opening videos but this stuff is too depressing. Read between the lines and remember who put breath in your lungs this morning. Because if you don't believe God exists the .01% of the country that controls our finances do, and they are playing for the wrong team.

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Chit Team said...

i believe

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Jay Mohawk | Corporate Takeover said...

History channel had a great documentary on secret societies. These people have a lot of power. Peep it here:

Crazy, man.