Friday, January 30, 2009

Why Hype kills: Jordan 2009

Introducing the Jordan 2009

Because you need to see more:

This is the classic example of why Hype kills. Nike releases a new shoe. Compared to its last few editions this new nike shoe's looks are average, and lets be honest so is its technology because how much more can you do with a basketball shoe after 23 years! So how can you get millions of kids to gather together and worship the next instalment of jordan? Well you hype it up! Except for the last part, the ad was great. Then the new designer (ja- something) tries to convince us that the shoe uses never before seen technology. Right.

All that being said I'm not hating on the shoe. In fact the more I watch the ad the more I like the shoe. You get the feeling after watching the ad alone that Jordan wants you to get hyped, but how hyped? $80 Blue chip hyped, or $150 Jordan 24 hyped? This shoe could very well be either- A stand alone(throw away) or part of a new collection. You have NO CLUE what to think of the shoe till the ja... guy tells you that the shoe's the next big thing and of course Jordan sponsors it with his presence, then you're hooked.

And THAT ultimately, my friend, is why hype kills.

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