Monday, August 17, 2009

NOTW (Not of this world) clothing

You might have already heard of this clothing company and if not chances are you've come across someone wearing it. As for me I came across it while looking for some christ inspired clothing to buy online. NOTW has never dissapointed. Its a clothing line based out of Los Angeles CA, and goes by the name of C28 clothing (C28 being colosians 2:8). It's designs are always exciting and eye catching, never boring or plain. It is also one of the more popular christian youth brands out there. I just bought two shirts and something interesting and new happened at the end of the purchase. After paying I was asked if I wanted to DONATE part of my purchase to one of three C28 ministries: Evangelism, outreach, and mercy ships (a global charity that brings hope and healing to the worlds poorer nations). The best thing about it is that C28 doesn't ask you to donate more of your money but to tell them where you want a portion of the money you already used for the clothing to go. I think that's great.

I really encourage you to check out there stuff and maybe buy a few things. Check out NOTW at . Its also in my links section.


ForwardThought said...

Love to see that there are still good Christian companies out there--I will check it out...Thanks and God bless you

ForwardThought said...

Forgot to ask; Are you on MySpace? If so, look me up:

or just go to the "find friends" section; type in "humble servant" and I believe I am on page two--my profile picture is a cross in the background and a shadowed out person standing in front of it.

ebbs said...

Hey. Sorry, I don't have a myspace account, I never thought to get one.

Susan Hardy said...

Designer Erica Hardy has some unique, chic and modern cross jewelry at Just click on cross jewelry at the bottom. It's a little funky too.