Tuesday, November 10, 2009

In love again

It's been a while since I've been in the word and in line with what God intends for me as a believer and his child. I had allowed myself to stray from my Christian walk and started to do my own thing, again. Not because I was bored or had lost my faith, no. God is almost always on my mind even while I am being disobedient. The trouble started when I refused to pray for what was on my heart for fear that he would not answer and it would in turn erode my faith. Instead of patiently waiting on God, I felt it best not to put 'pressure' on him. Ha.

This song 'Always' funny enough put into words how I feel about Christ. I'm in love again is a perfect way to sum up the way I'm feeling at this time. Every breath and every second I get to live on this earth is really a second chance for me to ask for God's forgiveness and get back to my walk with Christ. I know that everything happens in God's time not mine. Trying to rush the issue when I might not be ready for the answer may not be what I need. So for now I will continue with what I did when I first accepted Christ - reading the Bible and taking time out of my day to pray. I really do yearn to have the Holy Spirit with me again, it's a wonderful place to be.

***Switchfoots Hello Hurricane CD is out right now. I bought it off itunes and its an excellent work. My favorite tracks: yet, always, hello hurricane, the sound, Sing it out.

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