Monday, June 07, 2010

DEBATE: Did Jesus rise from the dead?

Mr. Nabeel Qureshi in his rebuttal says he will not answer Osama’s mutilation of the text, but here I will do my best to answer most of the pertinent accusations made during Osama’s opening statement against the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Osama Abdallah in his opening statement has taken the wording of ‘wounded’ and placed the fulfilment of this prophecy at a different time in Jesus’ suffering. Isaiah 53:5-6 tells us that the messiah would be wounded for our transgressions and bruised for our iniquity, and was Jesus not? When Pontios Pilate ordered for Jesus to be beaten to appease the crowd that was in fact the fulfilment of prophecy (John 19:1-4). The following Old Testament verse Isaiah 53:7 says that the messiah would not open his mouth and Mr. Abdallah claims Jesus broke that prophecy by calling out to God (the father) on the cross. Mr. Abdallah is again taking the fulfilment of prophecy out of context. We have established that the messiah would be wounded and he was, then he would be silent like a lamb before the slaughter and he was silent (Mark 15:2-5, Luke 23:8-10, John 19:7-11). Mr. Adallah claims Jesus was not buried with the Rich, but Joseph of Arimathea (the man who buried Jesus) was a counsellor who in those days was well to do (Luke 23:50). During the times of the Romans criminals who were crucified were left to decay on the cross, if not for joseph asking to have Jesus buried he would have died like every other poor ‘criminial’. I will say though that Mr. Abdallah is right when he says one of these books has to be a lie, I wonder which book fits that mold, the Bible or the Quran.

Osama in his rebuttal references a Roman Catholic book to make a claim that the Bible might have been tampered with (or in his words altered). Let it be known that Roman Catholicism is a heretic religion and is not based on true Christianity, so that being said I ‘think’ Mr. Abdallah’s argument carries no weight. Most of the things said during Osama’s last rebuttal (especially concerning Jesus being influenced by Satan) is simply nuts, so I’ll leave no comment on that. The subject of the debate is whether or not Jesus resurrected but Mr. Abdallah instead goes completely off topic in a panic and refused to challenge the truth of the crucifixion. Even during his conclusion Mr. Abdallah refused to discuss the topic and sounded like he was just grasping for straws all over the place. Interesting video none the less.

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