Saturday, July 28, 2007

Jay being exposed

Calvin Klein Bacote, an OG from Brooklyn did an interview with the Drama king Kay Slay and Angie Martinez about Jay-Z's past life and how he was less of a gangsta turned rapper and more of a rapper living out the life of a real gangsta (in this case being that of the young calvin). Jay even referenced calvin in the song allure off the black album, when he raps "I never felt more alive/ Than ridin' shotgun in Klein's green five." Calvin talks about how jay ignored him once he was released from a 14 year bid in jail, and has done the same financially to the people around him (such as dame dash, ta-ta, beanie, Jaz-O etc), calvin claims he's just here to let people know who the real Jay-Z is. If you haven't heard the audio yet, you need to.

Zshare of the complete interview: here

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