Wednesday, July 04, 2007

NBA 2k7

For those that do not have an Xbox maybe you should just skip this post all together but for those who own an xbox and having played or own and played NBA 2k7 you know how addicting this game can be. It has been in my xbox for as much time as all my other 9 games combined, maybe even more. The point is I like the game, and I have dedicated myself to playing the online mode until I become the #1 ranked player in the world. As of now I'm the 25th best (out of like 3000+ to put it in persepective). I just finished a 10-0 run, feeling unstoppable, so I challenged a rank 7 player and got demolished. I used the Cleveland Cavs and got my ass whooped by the Lakers. At the end of the game I was only down 10 points but this rank 7 guy played like a freaking machine, not making one mistake, and totally leaving me in awe of how focused a person can be playing a videogame. I mean, I wouldn't even be typing this post if not for how good this dude was... Anyway I gotta get better, so If I do break the top 10 I'll keep you posted.

Oh and If you play on xbox live and wanna challenge me let me know what games you have, and get ready to get BEAT, just kidding, but not really.

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