Saturday, October 06, 2007

Gangs of the world

I posted some time ago about the history of the cocaine epidemic(the Rick Ross story) during the Reagan era. I have also studied the history of big gangs such as the bloods and crips of Los Angeles. What I have come to find out that no matter where you go in the world most of the gangs, especially the ones involving the black youth tend to be caused by the government and or the greed for money. The government supplies the guns so that the poor kill themselves and or help the government reach a certain goal such as raising money for a war or votes. Of course poverty also goes hand in hand many times with crime but it seems that no matter where you go in this world, whether to London, NYC, Jamaica, or Darfur black teens are fighting wars because of two things government and money. What makes this video stand out for me though is that I find it interesting that teens in London want to live the gangsta lifestyle they see on TV. Imitating their favorite rappers by wearing Yankee fitteds even though they may never watch a Yankee game their whole life. If in fact these teens are picking up guns to act cool and tough, then I say to them STOP THAT SHIT OUT. In my opinion Gangs are products of poverty and lack of a good family oriented community. If these kids have neither problems do not try to create one.

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