Saturday, July 19, 2008

Black in America: A Response (

CNN just asked hiphop blog to speak on the show blacks in america recently, and we were asked to comment on the state of blacks in this country, this was my response.

Things in this country will never change for us unless the 'black culture' completely changes. The black culture in america, and I am speaking in general terms now, is the hip hop culture. We don't value education and building real wealth in our communities as much as we should. Big rims and dropping out of school is our culture.Saving money and graduating college is either viewed as unattainable or just not cool. Having kids at too young an age and no sense for commitment in our marriages are things that define this african american culture. Being super tough and animalistic is too often caused not by desperation but peer pressure, gangs are the way to go whether or not you need 'protection'. Don't even get me started on how cool rap has made drug dealing in highschools nationwide (and I don't mean just the innercities or even public schools).

Too many poor blacks feel like they have no way out, and most times it's true. Human nature is to care about one thing, ourselves, and because of that we choose to ignore those lesser than us even if they are our own race.

After this interview nothing will change. Absolutely nothing will change, unless the culture changes. The problem is the 'black culture' makes toooo much money for the record companies, movie industry, and generally is too ingrained in african americans today that we don't care to teach our kids anything different.

That's big of CNN but I wonder if they are really trying to make things better or are just trying to get more viewers.

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