Monday, August 04, 2008

Favre to become a Viking?

Favre + Adrian Peterson = near perfect offense = packers WILL be getting fucked in the ass the first game of the season.


Tony H said...

man I feel so bad for Favre, he loves the game so much, but I think he needs to hang it up. Obviously it's not about the money anymore but I dont think he really has anything to prove either.

They offered him 20 mil not to play, but he came back for like 10

i hate it when athletes like him come back just to play with some random team (like Jordan and the Wizards even tho Im from the DMV)

ebbs said...

Favre isn't jordan he's only been away from the game for a few months. By the time the new season starts he'll be ready to go. I think you are definetely underestimating #4. You'll see.