Sunday, August 10, 2008

Why not to get into streetwear: Reason #9

I've always wondered what type of person (guy) wears this crap. Nom de guerre, visvim (sounds like jizz), and fill-in-the-blank all seem like high fashion wear to me. High fashion along the lines of louis vuitton which I think is a female brand, as in, ONLY females should be wearing it. On one hand I guess its all about taste and/or swagger- certain people may be able to pull it off. But seeing people celebrate ish like this, saying man I've got to have those sounds 'all homo' to me. Just my opinion.


fz said...

true dat, shits overpriced too

ebbs said...

exactly, I don't care how how 'comfortable' those kicks are i'm not gonna drop $300 to wrap cloth around my feet.