Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Supreme Brand


If you look at some of the goods this brand puts out year after year you can't but end up with one question, why are these guys so successful? The idea of a 'GOAT' brand, like Coca-cola,Nike, Alife, and alas Supreme has bewildered me for a bit. What makes these brands so special. They all exist among other brands vying for who will knock them off their pedestal first yet manage to control the hearts and pockets of the majority of their consumer base EASILY.

Many of these companies have been around forever so I guess age could be the secret ingredient to their success. Or maybe their street marketing team has been so dope for so long that you and I can't help but get swept up in the hype. Legend brands like Supreme inspire me because the way they never do things status-quo. Anybody could release the same hooded jackets they put out and still not get 1/2 as much recognition.

None of their products are off the wall bonkers either. 90% of their stuff carries more weight and street cred than any of their competition could dream of, without the flash or gimmicks. So here's me giving respect where its due. I hope one day I can figure out their secret, learn how to duplicate it, brand it, and mass market it so I can die filthy rich. lol.

Check out the line here: Supreme NYC

Supreme will be releasing their new line online september 8th @ 11am (4 days after its release in supremes official stores), and will be sold out of their entire remaining inventory minutes after, so don't sleep.

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Anonymous said...

Just heard of these guys today... I don't live in one of the 10 major US cities... so we don't get the same level of media bombardment (thankfully).

But I just noticed how much money Supreme were making selling basic White t-shirts on eBay... $60 - BEFORE SHIPPING!!!

I know Billionaire Boys Club were pulling the same crap on the ignorant masses, along with many others... but I think your article nailed it.

Combine simple-minded people who haven't been freed from the corporate machine (2/3 of America)... with some strong street level hype machines working over their psyches with (cheap) music, art, and celebrity...

!BAM!... after a couple years, their brand feels ancient and (ahem) old-school, but fresh and memorable... this is how the Beastie Boys pulled it off back in the day... they were hot, then forgotten, then back stronger than ever... 4 life, nukka! (at least the Beasties had skills in the early days, they earned)

So yeah, it's a total hustle... but you can take solace in the fact, that the only people truly falling for it are the self-proclaimed 'hustlas'... dog-eating-dog, in their self-made dog-eat-dog world.

I mean, let's put it this way... do you really care when someone gets killed in prison?

Nah, because that whole system is so far into dark territory... there is no fixing the problem anymore.

I think it was one of the opening lines in the movie Casino... something like:

Never gamble... because if you're not running the game, then you're getting suckered!