Saturday, September 05, 2009

America is changing...

Full blown off the charts propaganda ad promoting everything Obama plans to do to our Country sneaked in with a host of things we should be doing anyway. Health care and stem cell research being the topics that jumped out at me. America is changing alright, but not the way it should. Apparenly on Tuesday September 1st all american students in kindergarten to 6th grade were shown (or at least were instructed to be shown) this video.

Props to forwardthought. Thank God I know now what side I belong, and as for me the ONLY one I will serve is God. Government is supposed to be serving us, not the other way around. These hollywood actors and other celebrities are a joke.

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ForwardThought said...

Full blown propaganda indeed--when has that been okay to do in American. Now, due to the overwhelming concern of this school address my kid's school decided not to preview it--nice; thank God.

However, I did hear that because of the concern all over the counrty--the press stated that the address would be re-written to be more neutral. Funny, if the Obama people thought it was okay in the beginning--"Why the change?" Really tells you something, don't it?

Thanks for the props; God bless you, FT

ForwardThought said...

Oh yeah, forgot to add this--I really like the part in the video where the guy says something to the fashion of, "I pledge to no longer be an African-American but an American."

Okay, I confused--now, I thought that many in the black community blasted Bill Cosby for applying such a statement a couple of years ago; but that's right, that is when we had a white President.

So, I guess, because we now have a President of African decent; now, those who once took pride in the term "African-American" consider themselves officially just an "American".

So, if my thinking is correct;does that make me a "European-American" now??????