Saturday, September 12, 2009

Jordans Hall of Fame speech

Wow! What a way to end a career. I kind of expected this from michael though because after watching a few Jordan 'greatest of' videos (a while ago) I came away with the impression that Jordan was every bit as arrogant as the next door Bully. Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant have one thing in common and that is the idea that they can win all by themselves without the help of any teammate. I will say though that Jordan was honest on the podium, but he was also selfish. Deliberately attacking the people he felt had crossed him in the past, when all he had to do was enjoy the moment. Jordan had an obligation to end his career (or at least his NBA legacy as a player) at a high note but became petty and showed the world his true colors. In my book he is still the greatest basketball player ever, but i wonder if this speech will tarnish his memory or not.

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ForwardThought said...

Really no surprise on the selfish part; and though, there should never be a place for such speech out of anybody who was so great to professional sports--"what's the point"--I do not believe any tarnishment will come out of it. He deserves much respect and a "well done" two thumps up for truly bringing a new type of basketball player to the court. Many have much to owe the one and only Micheal Jordan.

Side note: funny, I was always a Dominique Wilkins fan when Jordan was playing. Proud to say I never joined the band wagon; but I will say, Jordan was truly the better ball player.