Monday, September 28, 2009

Give glory to God- Dwayne Tryumf

Ha, here's yet another dwayne tryumf video. You should get used to it, since I'll probably be posting quite a few of his music :). I picked up his 'Mark of the Peace' EP album a few weeks ago and all 6 songs on it were great. This particular song did not make it to the EP but a full album is set to release (hopefully)on October 4th 2009 according to his youtube page. Since he is a UK artist the only way of buying the album would be via itunes or amazon. All the production on the CD I do have is top notch, rivaling the best the secular music industry has to offer. I would definetely encourage others who may be interested in urban music and have the heart to abandon secular rap to consider picking up a tryumf album. Consider this positive peer pressure.


Anonymous said...

Amen, I discovered this song like 3 days or so ago and i've been playing it since. Very annointed stuff. His album is on my to get list! God bless!

ebbs said...

Yeah this album IS awesome, and I rly appreciate his passion for Christ and the scriptures. Thanks for the comment.