Thursday, February 15, 2007

Mac 10 Handle (Part 2)

The subject of this post really should have been squeezable poo but I had something else in mind. The mac 10 handle vid by Prodigy of mobb deep really isn't a gangsta video in the traditional sense, after spending some time thinking about it I realized that the vid is really just Prodigy's desperate attempt to gain some type of recognition, whether negative or not. Most people already know that Mobb Deeps latest album flopped, and the people that don't know don't care. I can't say I like the vid cuz it feels like I'm watching a video marilyn manson would have made if he were black and decided to rap, not my cup of tea. SOOOO I decided that in order to get the vid off my mind I may just stop by Kidrobot on Prince street and buy some squeezable poo just for kicks.

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