Wednesday, February 14, 2007

WINTER storm?

According to the weather channel there should be a major storm hitting the east coast right about, ummm, now. People have scheduled little vacations and ice skating trips just in case it does snow, because if it does snow classes are cancelled, and if the storm is as bad as they say it'll be classes will most likely be cancelled on thursday too, so with all that excitement about snow you'd expect some of it to be true, right, wrong. Its freaking 100 degrees outside, well it might as well be since its not freaking snowing and I can still see pavement from my dorm room window. In any other scenario I along with most of the people I know would probably not care too much about the snow and whether we would or would not have had classes the next day, but with all the hype that the freaking weather people (including my meterology professor) pushed down our throats it would make a lot of sense to just not go to class later on today and just call it a wednesday.

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