Monday, November 03, 2008

Surprise Ad

So I'm watching the steelers vs redskins game, munching on some chips, just saw Obama and McCain answer a few irrelevant sport questions, when I see a commercial that throws me for a loop. For the last few days I've discussed a subject close to my heart and of utter importance. The subject of course being the economic downturn and the american governments not so secret agenda. In a few months the economy will experience a massive decline. We will go through a depression like no other. The difference between this one and the last would be that this was planned.

Interstate batteries ad below is clear evidence that THINGS HAVE CHANGED. American business runs on sex, excess, and more sex. Even crap companies succeed using these principles (see Watch this ad and be inspired. As always you're awesome for reading.

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ebbs said...

Please comment and/or forward this video to a friend. I'm not perfect by a long shot. I still have a LOOOOONG way to go before I can call myself a true christian, but I am trying. I know there is a good reason I am bringing this message to you guys. You most likely have a bigger voice than I do, and can reach more people. Positivity never goes out of style. So God bless, eat breakfast, and never bet against the Dallas Cowboys! See YOU after the bye week, SUCKERS. lol.