Monday, November 24, 2008

Teen commits suicide live on justin TV

Suicide is a very serious subject and nothing to joke about. According to the article a 19 yr old college student committed suicide while on the website after being egged on by viewers to do what he said he wanted to do for a long time. I'm not gonna get self righteous here, or say I haven't 'hated' on someone before on a blog or forum, but NEVER WILL I CONDONE ANYTHING LIKE THIS. Regardless of where you are in life suicide should never be an option, things will always get better, and even your struggle with suicide can in one way or another help you better yourself or save a life in the future. We know there are a few things promised in life, death is one of them, but inflicting death on oneself is unfair to you and the ones who love you. Thats why I think your teen years are always the hardest years you'll ever face especially in this country.

Rest in peace Abraham K. Biggs and may God bring peace to his family. To whoever this may concern we love you man, everyone else is just too shy to say it.

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