Sunday, May 10, 2009

In your face

If you don't know that there's a spiritual warfare going on in the here and now maybe this might be a spark. This was taken straight from Macy' from a post made on october 2008. This tee has been sold out since its release but thanks to Marc Ecko from Ecko unlimited and streetwears very own Crooks 'n' Castles there are many more like these in stores right now. The evil is so in your face that you'd have to either really think there's no such thing as God to wear this shirt nonchalantly. Which is ironic because the main reason the illuminati exists is to defeat and eradicate God from the world and to put satan on a pedestal for 'the final fight'. To be an athiest is to be in denial. It's not that hard to imagine and if you're a streetwear addict like I was you know the power of hype and propaganda. Now imagine a billion dollar conglomerate shelling this message out subconsciously to young people ages 12-26.


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