Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New news! (Forward thought blog)

I just added a new link: Truth perceived aka 'Forwardthought.blogspot.com'!!! Forward Thought is very well written and would prove interesting to anyone serious about their faith. Topics range from the hotly debated time of creation to exactly what Gods will for the christian is. The commentary is not preachy or prententious but I dare you to not be inspired. The blogs background is a bit distracting, making it hard to read posts without moving the cursor up and down. Overall though I would rate the site 'links section worthy' and would encourage YOU to go check it out for yourself. See the links section>>>

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ForwardThought said...


I really appreciate the support here on your blog. Your overview of my blog was very interesting to read and your summary of it is actually what I have been striving for--never had a "review" of sorts on my blogs before. Thank you, and God bless...FT