Saturday, May 09, 2009

School suspends kid if he goes to prom!

Yahoo Article

A fundamental baptist/christian school threatens to suspend 17 year old Tyler frost if he attends the prom at his girlfriends school! This is the story on the front page of and I think its ridiculous. Forcing a school of kids into not going to a prom for religious reasons is both pointless and ineffective. You can't(or shouldn't) force anyone to believe any one faith. I can see if the school doesn't hold its own proms but it has no right to control how the student spends his time outside of school. That however is not my goal in making this post. The reason I'm making this post is because I'm sick of the barrage of media that's been attacking the christian religion in the last few months.

From the recent TIME magazine to the new Angels & Demons movie, enough is enough. The Anti-christian propaganda machine keeps silently clunking on as we lose focus on the socialization of our country, big government getting bigger, and the destruction of our middle class, all while getting reminded that there's a black man in office. People aren't that stupid as to not notice what's going on behind the scenes. That things really aren't what they seem, and haven't been for years. Right?

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