Wednesday, May 13, 2009

No government is the solution

I couldn't have said it better myself. On big governemnt, gay marriage, and the dem vs. rep distraction.


ForwardThought said...

As you wrote, "I couldn't have said it better myself"--I agree. Our democratic process seems to be just the opposite these day. We can't vote on how the government spends our money--thanks gov, glad you wasted our money on GM. Funny though, bankruptcy is good enough to do it now, but it wasn't good enough six months ago, hmm.... Furthermore, if a group doesn't like how a vote does go by the people (prop 8, good example) let's just call on the gov to fix it--blessed America is going down the tubes. Anyhow, thanks for sharing the video...God bless, FT

ebbs said...

Thanks for the comment. I think the reason the Govt. gets away with so many ills is because a lot of us still think Big brother is out there with our best interest at heart, but reality shares a different story. Its healthy to question and probe your leadership now and then but in these recent times it is imperative to make your voice heard.