Saturday, March 06, 2010

Always working :)

Hello Bloggerland. Praises be to God, Jesus Christ. The King of Kings and lord of Lords. The last few months (and days) in my life have been very wonderful. Everything inside me is speedily and surely surrendering to God and it feels surreal. I'm doing more reading of the bible than I ever have, and find myself looking forward to reading more. To be able to add real depth to my relationship with my Lord is exciting. The way I interact with people and respond even to temptation is also always improving. Everytime I start to waiver he is quick to keep me focused.

I gave my heart to him just over a year ago and even though I know I was a completely different creature then I feel even more so today. I'm learning what it really means to love him and to truly love people. I know now more than ever that I have a relationship with him that is as real as my beating heart that I can not see.

God is doing an amazing thing in my life that is so tangible (to me) that I just felt I had to make this post to thank him for it.

Thank you.

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