Monday, March 01, 2010

'I am Second' joins link section

I am Second is the newest addition to my links section. I've posted several IAS vids on my blog in the past and I am happy to finally and officially add the site to my links section. I first learned of the IAS ministry through their billboards which at the time could be found throughout the Dallas area. Just today I came across another billboard that reminded me of the IAS billboards. The new billboard was both controversial and eye catching. With Bright red to back its bold white lettering the billboard read '', and nothing else. Of course this sparked my interest and I couldn't find a computer fast enough.

I was happy to see that the site's goal was not to mislead but to challenge every Christian that bothered to visit the site like I did. After visiting the site I decided to check up on and sure enough several new testimonials had been uploaded to the site. So if you haven't visited IAS recently check it out today and every other day for new stuff.

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