Saturday, March 27, 2010

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On wednesday I posted a fantastic video featuring writer Anne Rice on my blog. I made the mistake of not first thoroughly reviewing her web page ( before adding a link to my post. After reviewing her webpage I felt it necessary to make a comment about her catholic faith. One because I was taken by surprise by the revelation of her being a catholic and two I had never commented on Catholicism on my blog in the past. So here goes:

I believe that Roman Catholicism is wrong in its doctrine. Neither the saints or mary (both of which are dead) can (or should) be held in the same light and reverence as God almighty. Now a catholic would say they aren't held in the same light and reverence as him, and i say this. There is not one verse in the Bible that even encourages believers to pray to Mary or any one of the saints. God is the only one who can answer prayers because he is omnipresent, no human could ever possess this attribute. In order for a catholic to believe that she or any saint possessed this attribute they would have to believe that mary or the saints were omnipresent. So why do the Catholics persist? Let's not even get started with the pope and how much of a false prophet he is!

The only one worthy of divine praise from the beginning of time has and is and will be God alone- The father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

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