Monday, July 05, 2010

Evidence for/against God Debate: William Lane Craig vs Dr. Peter Atkins

The Faith and Science Lecture Forum in April 1998 hosted a debate between Christian philosopher William Lane Craig and Oxford University’s Peter Atkins, a professor of chemistry and an outspoken atheist. The moderator was William F. Buckley.

The debate, “What Is the Evidence for/against the Existence of God,” drew an overflow crowd at The Carter Center in Atlanta and was broadcast live to 10,000 people in universities and colleges in the US

- sited from RZIM

You can find this video available on DVD at William Craig's website and RZIM.ORG (the Ravi Zacharias International ministries website), as well as many other Chrisitian apologetics media. You will also find a link to the RZIM website in my links section.

I was lucky enough to find the entire video freely available online but will not hesitate to support and acquire more media for myself in the near future.

I thought the debate was great. I laughed at several parts because Mr. Atkins had no leg to stand on much of the time, and when it came to the story of Jesus he (like most athiests) prefered to duck and weave. Ironically the more I have explored the athiestic position the more I'm convinced that it takes real faith (or at least hatred) to be an athiest.

Athiest's don't like the idea of God much of the time because they dislike the Bibles interpretation of beginnings, but will never admit to the fact that science has not and CAN NOT explain many important aspects of life including the spirit world and the after life (among many other things). There is so much evidence apparent in science, history, and todays world events that blind faith simply can't be an excuse for an athiest not to become a believer. Just seek God and he will do the rest, I am proof of that.


Daisy said...

Hi!! I love your blog. :) Keep up the great writings!!! Hope to hear from you soon. God Bless!! -Daisy

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ROC REV said...

Love it, bro. I'm sure you are aware, but Dinesh D'Souza rox, although I disagree with him about the age of the earth and the importance of it(theologically). Anywho... enjoyed your thoughts. Check mine out if so inclined at

ebbs said...

Thanks guys!

I really appreciate the interview offer but I would have to respectfully decline. As for Dinesh D'Souza rox, I'm not at all familiar with his work. I think as long as his theories are in line with the Bible then he has a fan in me :)