Wednesday, July 14, 2010

INCEPTION (1 of 2)

I must see this movie.

I fully expect to see and hear a few things I don't agree with but the trailers are so freaking cool. I mean listen to the score, wow, it almost beats Gatorades 2009 G! anthem:

I mean try being at a football game with one of your favorite teams down 4 points, just minutes left on the clock, 4th quarter, and Brett favre's playing offense in the red zone against the New York Giants, tell me WHO wouldn't get pumped when this song starts playing? I know! Nobody. This song moves stadiums, and the inception score is almost as sweet.

Speaking of Chris Nolan (see what I did there?) check out this parody of the inception score using another Chris nolan work - his present masterpiece "The Dark Knight".

Mind blown? Oh yeah and that's me @ 0:35.

I'll probably post a review or something after I see the movie, or say a few words on it. I absolutely can't believe it's a PG-13 movie, so bravo Nolan. If YOU do see this movie be cautious of subliminal messaging, much like the Dark knight did by infering that spying on masses of people could be a good (no, great) thing if it resulted in the catching of a known terrorist. Come on hollywood, try harder.

*See my brief review of the movie here.

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